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Players who love playing video slot games in top online casinos can gather a wealth of information. This site is dedicated to informing players all about video slot games. With reviews of casino software, types of slot games and information on bonus offers that are available, players will gain knowledge of everything that is related to online video slots. The information that is provided will prepare new players for their upcoming gambling experience and will allow them to learn how to choose the best video slot games online. By learning about the different software companies offering video slot games, players can learn about features and benefits of playing games from certain providers and will be better able to select an online casino to meet their specific slot gambling needs when they begin playing for cash rewards.

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Interested in playing a lot more free video slots games if so we suggest you visit free slots section where you'll find a large selection of video slots to play powered by Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech, Cryptologic and other software providers.

Play real money video slots at online casinos

There are literally over 1,000 online casinos operating so often players are overwhelmed by the number of choices. Here at Video On the Net we've hand picked the online casinos we believe offer the best online video slots and overall gambling experience. This means they offer a reasonable bonus (along with relatively unrestrictive wagering requirements), a large selection of video slots games in which to indulge in playing (well over 300 in all the casinos listed below), 24/7 customer support and are licensed in reputable gaming jurisdictions.

Links to reputable video slots & casino sites

Featured below you'll find a listing of online video slots and casino portals we've found to be useful and wanted to share with our visitors here at VideoOnTheNet. Some of these sites we've listed you may already be familiar with others maybe not so much. Each is recommended as a good resource that provides accurate information and links and is worthy of checking out if you have time.

What are online video slots

Video slot games are in fact the most popular games found in any online casino. These games are enhanced versions of the standard Vegas style games that have long been offered in land and online casinos. The main difference with video slots is that the games have many more paylines. With a traditional slot game, players will find between one and five paylines. When they access a video slot game, the number of paylines are increased, with games offering anywhere from 9 to 100 lines of action.

Another great thing about video slots is the use of bright graphics and animations. These games are also themed, so players will be able to play a game that relates to their personal interests. With some high payouts, the chances of winning on video slots exceed that on traditional slots. Not only are there more paylines, but there are many more symbols that are used in the games. These symbols can create stunning combinations and most games will have special icons that represent wilds and scatters.

Another attraction of video slots are the bonus rounds that are offered. These are bonuses that occur on the screen of the game and can offer players increased payouts and much more slot action. With video slots, players will find the games to be amusing and entertaining and the games provide some of the best payouts in online casino websites like those found right here.

History of video slots on the net

Video slot games are definitely the most popular games online. While these games have not always been offered in land or online casinos, they have moved from being a new form of slot machines to being the most preferred games for thousands of players from around the world. The first video slot game was introduced in 1975 and was offered in land casinos. At this time, players were not drawn to the game because they did not trust the technological advancements or the virtual reels. However, over the years, many casino software providers began to develop more virtual reel games until players began to accept these as reliable casino games.

Since the early 1990s, online casinos have been offering these video slot games as options in online casinos. The games are widely played by players who are looking for additional chances to win. Since the games now have many paylines and have introduced bonus rounds, they have climbed the ladder of success and are the highlight games at many online casinos. Now, players can enter an online casino and find many games that offer virtual reels, great payouts and some of the most amazing and rewarding bonus rounds.

Video slots software providers

When players access popular online casinos, they will find that many software companies have been creating amazing and entraining video slot games. The most popular providers of these games include Playtech, Microgaming, RTG and Cryptologic. All of these companies have a great reputation for fairness and are known to continue developing the most exciting video slot games online. When accessing an online casino, players who are intent on only playing video slots will usually choose a casino based on the software that is being used.

Microgaming has always been a leader in the online gambling industry and this company has created hundreds of the best slot games for online casinos. The video slot selection at a Microgaming casino is always large, offering players a multitude of themes and features. With some of the best payouts online, Microgaming video slots remain a popular choice. These games are created using the best graphics and sounds available, offering players the most realistic gambling experience. Microgaming is also known for offering the highest paying progressive video slots, with some games offering millions in cash rewards. Players looking for the best slot experience will often choose a site that is powered by this company.

Playtech is another popular choice for players who enjoy the action of slot games online. Currently, Playtech casinos are attracting players who are drawn to video slots with multiple features. The Marvel Comic Slots are one group of games that have become top choices for players. These games offer familiar themes and characters, are loaded with features and offer random progressive jackpots. In addition to these branded slots, players will also find other great game titles that provide high payouts and endless action.

RTG is a popular software provider for players from the United States and when it comes to slot games, this company delivers great excitement. The Reel Series of Slots are the most popular games in these casinos. These video slot games offer as many as 100 paylines and every one has four random progressive jackpots. Players will not have to place maximum bets to be eligible, which makes these games the most attractive in RTG casinos. With more than 100 video slot titles created over the years, the selection found in RTG casinos is vast and provide players with access to games that can produce life altering payouts.

Types of video slots on the net

When players do find a reliable online casino that is offering a large selection of video slot games, they will find that there are different types of games that are available. There are many factors that differentiate each video slot, ranging from various features to the ways the reels react on the screen. Recently, cascading reel video slots have been a huge attraction on online casinos. These games provide players the chance to achieve multiple payouts from a single spin. While the format of the reels is one way to select an online video slot, most players will examine the game features when making their selection.

The most popular type of video slot is the bonus slot. This is a game that offers in-game bonus rounds, or mini-games. In addition to the payouts that can be won with regular spins of the reels, players will have additional chances to boost payouts with the bonus rounds. The most popular type of slot bonus round is the free spin round. This is a feature that is triggered by getting certain symbols on the reels. Players will earn a set amount of free spins and will collect great payouts. Many of these rounds will have multipliers so players can really add a lot to their bankroll when the feature is triggered. There are also second screen bonuses that are offered. These can be different types, including a Wheel of Fortune Bonus or a Pick a Box feature. These bonus rounds are easy to play and can provide some great rewards.

Another type of video slot is the progressive game. These games have all the features of standard video slots with the addition of a progressive jackpot. With a progressive game, part of every wager will be added to the jackpot until it is won. Most games that have these jackpots will require players to place a maximum bet, so players need to make sure they can afford the game before choosing to play. Progressive games are among the most popular in many online casinos because they promise the chance to win massive payouts. There are many progressive video slot games that have jackpots that are worth millions of dollars. There are also games that have random progressive rewards, and these have become very popular among players who are on a budget. Since these games require no maximum bet, players can afford the game and will still be able to enjoy the thrill of winning a progressive.

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